August 16th, 2011

Fly-throughs and ride-throughs

In many ways the world is being designed for the day when everyone cycles, without designers having any idea they are being so kind to us. I've written and spoken before about us (cyclists) inheriting spaces designed to be walkable, that in fact are deadly boring for anyone without some means of rolling. But consider this: if buildings are being designed to look good in fly-through animations (and we can rest assured, many are), then who will those buildings ever look good to, once they are built? Superman? He's just pretend. That would only leave cyclists. This fluid, smooth, fast and slow viewpoint which is invoked in almost every CAD fly-through I've ever seen, is nearer to the viewpoint of a cyclist than that of any ambulatory being. So yes, by coincidence, buildings are being designed to look good from a point of view resembling that of a cyclist's. We just need more buildings we can ride through without being stopped by security.