August 28th, 2011

It could have been Stuart O'Grady

I am not wishing to diminish Cadel's achievement (even if he did steal the win with a time trial). It is simply that someone must raise a particular matter, and yet again, it looks as though that someone will have to be me. It is Cadel's face. It is not very nice. I mean, come on, drug scandals, and contraventions of item 1.3.020 of the UCI's rules, could hardly have done as much damage to the image of cycling, as those googly eyes! They're not only wide set. They really poke out! Darlings let's be perfectly frank, when he's not looking like a ventriloquist's's doll, he's looking either Cro-Magnon or like Lucy the Australopithecus freaking afarensis! Europe is reeling! It is as though whatever perfection exists in his metabolism, was stolen from his outward appearance. And who could not pick that as a shaved mono-brow? All this, I freely admit, should not matter at all, and neither would I be dwelling on such petty things, except, that Australia had another great hope, in Stuart O'Grady. And, as the sequence of photos below will make clear, Stuart O'Grady has noteworthy looks. Just think of how many women would be rushing to cycling clubs in Australia, right now, had Stuart won last July. Think of the flow-ons to Aussie tourism. Again, all credit to Cadel Evans. He can't help what years of heart rates in the 200s will do to a moosh. All I am saying, is it could have been Stuart O'Grady.