August 29th, 2011

Wiggles wade into helmet debates

They are wags these Wiggles, appearing here in non Australian Standards Association (ASA) approved helmets. Very clever! I bought a Bern helmet myself, to make the very same point. I believe I've also provided video evidence on the internet, to Australian police. Riding on public roads, in non ASA approved helmets. Thank you Wiggles for pointing your fingers at legal absurdities.

Having spent $7.95 for a bike magazine

Well I am delighted of course to have seen BehoovingMoving showcased in the latest edition of Australian Cyclist. I am mentioned just after my buddy Mikael's Copenhaganize blog, and also in the company of Lets Go Ride a Bike, the blog that inspired me to start this one, but which I've stopped following, ever since Dotty threatened to have me arrested for stalking her when I tried to catch up in Chicago last May. If you change your mind Dotty, I could fly over especially. (Note for the humourless: none of that's true).

The down side to being listed in a conventional paper-based publication, though, is having to pay $7.95 for a souvenir copy. These days that could buy me a jersey from an online bike store in England, thousands of jpegs of naked Hungarians, or maybe even a screw for my Brompton (though probably not). Instead I have 74 pages of piffle I've flipped through as fast as a twitter feed. No embedded vimeo clips. No place to leave instant comments—I would tell Michael Bluejay what he can do with his instruction to all cyclists to fit rear-view mirrors to handlebars. All that redeems this wad of waxed paper, is the article featuring me, that I must say, is incredibly witty. Thank you James Forbes. Your economy with words has inspired me!

Too busy to blog much this week

Sorry all, little time to blog post for the next couple of days. I have my Primrose recovering from an operation, plus I have to quickly turn recent thoughts into a paper I'm billed to present in just a few weeks. If you're on the Gold Coast, sneak in and see me. Or, better still, meet up and we'll go for a ride. If I did have time to blog post, I would write at length about how rewarding it is to develop a nice pedaling action, something that comes as your muscles conform to one task. I want to share my love of the actual pedaling part! Also, I keep thinking there must be some neat rhetorical way of dismissing this us v. them baloney between fast and slow cyclists. It's fun to cruise around on a slow bike picking up bread sticks and meeting friends for coffee. But it's also fun going fast. Can't we all indulge any kind of cycling we like? This is why I want a velomobile, and a rainbow wig to fit over my helmet: to take some heat off of speeding road cyclists, and let the pious plain clothes brigade hate me the most. Signing out. Shall rant some more soon.