August 31st, 2011

That part of Portland most overlook

Many of us who share this interest in bicycle transit, also have some red (left) and green (environmentalist) strains to our politics. And sure, if your bicycle came from the same shop as your worm farm, and if cycling for you is soley tied up in an East Portland (renovation belt) weltanschauung, I would understand you looking across the river to The South Waterfront redevelopment area (pictured above), and seeing development for developers. Have you considered though, that projects like these, in cities all over the world, are giving millions of people direct access to the only truly car-safe bicycling networks most cities have, those which take in the waterfronts and the rail-trails? As oil prices see residents selling their cars, and as time pressures see people choosing to cycle rather than wait for buses and trams, areas like these are likely to morph into bicycling oriented developments, even if they weren't designed to be such. So, if there is something else about these developments that we find repugnant or sterile, we as cycling advocates have more cause than anyone to get in there and change things. Of course that means getting behind closed doors, where the fates of these sites are sealed. Wish me luck comrades, because that's where I'm heading. What message would you like me to relay?