September 1st, 2011

News, views and reviews

Hi and welcome to Behooving Moving, where you will find news and views vaguely related to cycling, brought to you by an architectural historian, and why the hell not. It's the internet!

Australian cyclists today dropped their war against helmet laws, as they do this time every year for a few months, or until such time as the magpies and plovers allow us to ride again with our quiffs in the breeze. Yes, it's helmet season folks. No shame in it. Put stickers of eyes on the back of your helmets, or festoon them with wire ties, whatever you have to do. Or, like me, you might do the "I'm not bothered act," as you secretly dream of the day you grab that little so and so by the legs and hold its head in your spokes.

Meanwhile, here at the Behooving household, the first day of Spring marked the untimely arrival of that Winter embrocation cream I ordered from Rapha. I can't feel any effect on my legs where I applied it, though can report my nostrils and nut sack are burning right now. Which reminds me, I must go wash my hands before seducing my Primrose later this evening. (Normally, there would be no cause to).

On the activism front, local politicians around here aren't sure how they might fund their ever growing list of noble proposals for imporvements to bike paths. The list gets longer each time it's released, because nothing has been completed since last time. Dear leaders, there is this thing called the roads budget. You simply take the money from that. Any more backward, and this town would be quaint. But the beaches are nice, and all the girls are good looking. Yes, and through Summer, there is bicycle racing 4 days a week. In Winter, its both days of the weekend.