September 6th, 2011

How bookshops might look in places where everyone cycled

With thanks to the great Gusto for chasing this lead.

I have noticed my daily hit rate (the best measure of my popularity, now I've stopped swinging), takes a dip whenever I come over all speculative, and turn this great mind god has given me to questions of building typology. You see, I believe urban pockets of intense cycling activity, such as where rail trails converge on a CBD, should start giving rise to bicycle specific architecture, of every kind. My readers don't seem to care, so I will do the only gentlemanly thing, and bludgeon you all from this self-made cyber soap box I have built for myself.  Today's contribution to my brainwashing campaign, a tower of babel shaped bookshop (well, not really a shop), designed for cyclists (well, not really) in Argentinian, by some artist named Marta Minujin. I wonder how many rode up?