September 24th, 2011

10 things about cycling to excite architects

1. Cycling is the only transport mode that puts eyes on the street
2. Bikes chained out the front, make buildings look hip green
3. Holistically speaking, buildings reached via bike are using less energy
4. Bicycle parking costs far less to build, than parking for cars
5. Building bike friendly buildings builds healthier hearts, and reduces obesity (click here for proof)
6. Carless clients save $2million per lifetime, that architects can help them spend on their buildings
7. Bikes fit in lifts, can go up and down ramps, and can be ridden from the living room to your office desk
8. Cycling is a diffused infrastructure, that works despite natural disaster and system failure
9. Bikes stop at shops, and can even be used as shopping trollies
10. A wider age range can cycle, than can legally drive

Cycling: puts eyes on the street; includes kids and the elderly; leaves clients more to spend on good buildings; replaces the trolley