October 13th, 2011

My latest purchase

A year ago I met a former pro rider, now a famous professor—who I won't name—who told me he has stopped racing in the "real world" and now races via a virtual platform. What the #$@&? He has his indoor trainer connected to his computer? To race people on-line? who are probably telling fibs regarding their weight? It has taken me this long, to go from thinking he must be stark raving mad, to laying down my very own hard-earned, for some of the same. I mean, it's not as though I don't already live in a hyper real world! I ride with no helmet pretending I'm still there in Holland or Denmark. I ride a mountain bike, thinking I'm Daniel Boon. I've always blurred fantasy and reality, and wrote here that cyclists should be granted this prerogative. After all, the rise of car culture did owe quite a bit to various fantasies.  But trust the Dutch anyway, to come up with a virtual device for riding up and down mountains! Couriers willing, I should have my Tacx Fortius VR trainer on Monday. After that, don't talk to me—unless referring to me as Dr. Schleck.