behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

Artful trails found in Glenrock Reserve

On the weekend Quinby and I packed a picnic, a thermos of tea, and a rug, and set out to find evidence of cultivation in Glenrock Reserve. I can confirm there is not a manicured lawn, tholos to Apollo, mirror pool or good British tree anywhere in that godforsaken wilderness area. 

There is however, evidence of Picturesque Planning. Many trails, I noticed to my delight, do not follow contours or ridge lines, but rather have been drawn, by the hand of Man on the ground, in a willful, neigh serpentine manner. They are the work of true land artists, as aware I suspect as Christo of the intelectual traditions standing behind them. I am thinking for example of Heidegger and the concept of Genius Loci, and of course William Gilpin who gave us The Picturesque and a new appreciation for The Sublime. May I commend Newcastle's mountain biking fraternity, for keeping our artistic heritage alive with their work.
Now, if you would please build some nice Roman style follies, next time Quinby and I will pack our Winsor & Newton watercolour sets, and capture some impressions as we had planned.
Tags: glenrock reserve, velorbis
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