behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

secret squirrel

A lot has happened in the past week, but alas little that I can report on because of the top secret nature of my mission at present. I can say, that I have designed a few bicycles, made exquisite 1:10 models (we architects can do that no problem) and am now having one of my bikes prototyped, hopeful to display at Ausbike then manufacture en masse.

This has come about as a result of inadequacies I have found with some of the 8 bikes on my hit list. I've heard the Jeff Jones forks are too heavy. I've test ridden a dutch style bike by Gazelle and found the handlebars hit my thighs when I was turning tight circles. Oh and how could one pedal such a contraption up even the slightest of hills!


I have also noticed la pavoni coffee machines need a heat proof gasket separating the group from the boiler (but okay, these are not bikes). (However, before I move on, do look at part 36 in the drawing above, and tell Mr Pavoni to make it bigger and heat proof next time you see him). 

What I am saying, or am trying to say, is that all of these so called classic designs should not have gone to production without being ran via my eyes for some last minute tweaking. That's all.

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