behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

cyclespace on google maps

Two days after discussing the benefits of mapping the world's cyclespace, I find google maps have done it for the US. This is very exiting! I flew my maps google craft back to my old neighbourhood on the Upper West Side on Manhattan, and the first thing I noticed was 106 street is marked as a cycle route. Hmm, I would dispute that. In fact, between 97th and 109th, 106th would be the worst street to cycle on, I would suggest. 

The obvious research question, is: "By whose criteria is google maps judging space to be cyclespace?"

After sleeping on the above...
Since the purpose of a maps google layer, is to sell advertising space to people who would bring up that layer, it stands to reason that google would want cyclespace mapped by actual cyclists (with the exception of poor ones). So I can put aside conspiracy theories, about motoring groups coming up with ways to get cyclists out of their way. Maybe someone connected to a cycling body, who google contacted, nominated W106 St. for the sake of simplicity. After all, it is merely a thoroughfare between two parks, not somewhere a cyclist would wish to linger. 

Your input here would be greatly appreciated!!! 
Tags: bicycle architecture, cycle path, cyclespace, cyclespace architecture, cycleway, cycleway plan, googlemaps bicycle, safe cycling, slow cycling
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