behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

American English

A sense of all things British underpins much that is lovable in the world of bicycle design. I write this as I track my latest chainreaction order, containing my new Brooks Devon Pannier, on its lonely journey from "courier hub" to "international hub" and so forth, to Australia, from Great Britain, Great Britain from whence this beautiful language we play with while blogging was born. As China usurps America as the world power, Australia's role in the Asia Pacific Region will be to uphold our motherland's values and the only language via which those values can be upheld: English my dear, English. This line of inquiry leads naturally to bicycles, and Britain's imperial heir, The United States of America. The mind turns to the USA's inimitable interpretation of fine British steel bicycle design, as reflected in the annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show. With the next show as far in the future today, as the last show is in our past, an occasion presents itself to reflect upon some gems from past shows: Englishness as only a cashed up new land might imagine. With increasing affluence, this mantle will be ours soon to carry, here in Australia. Will we remain as eccentric though, or as loyal to the green green grass of home, as Americans have shown they are with bikes such as those pictured below, from NAHBS '09 and '10?

And finally, an image I stare at each day, gleaning whatever clues I can regarding Santa's progress from the Chain Reaction Cycles warehouse in the UK, to my house in Australia:

Come on, pedal harder there Santa!
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