behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

Seeking Manufacturing Partner

With this post I am revealing the box component to a design that I have been working on: the world's only 29er box bike. (The frame I have designed remains secret, and suffice to say bears no resemblance to the simplistic design presented here with these photos.) The timber box uses slight curves to create tension such that it holds together without screws. It will thus outlast a typical bakfiet box by many years. The tough waxed cotton cover, with vents that pop open when they're unzipped, keeps valuables out of sight, and kids cool and dry.
This is not a Dutch style Bakfiet for mum to take her kids to the zoo.
It's a 29er box bike, for dad to take his kids hunting.

If any manufacturer sees the merit in my way of rethinking the box bike, do send me an email. I'll show you the details and what bike this box goes with.
Tags: 29er, 29er box bike, bicycle commuting, bicycle design, box bike, cargo bike, copenhagen cycle chic, copenhagenize, lets go ride a bike, long john bicycle, nicebox, randonneur, slow cycling, touring bicycle, unique bicycle, velorbis, workcycles
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