behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

about 100 hits every day!

Is this like a hugely popular blog that you're reading, the ranting of some fool with nothing else better to do, a bit of both, or doesn't it matter? Since learning letsgorideabike—the blog that inspired me to start this one—gets 1000+ hits every day, I have taken to checking my "score", rejoicing over each hit, the way I would have rejoiced to see every new hair in my armpit when I was 12.
My reviews about the two Velorbis bikes we have in this household, would seem to have caused a solid and stable new flow of traffic, to the point now where I'm seeing 100+ hits on many days. Those hits come from 20-30 separate visitors, meaning people stopping to read a review are looking back over old posts, a fact I find absurd if I stop and think about just how few people read the scholarly books and articles I write in the course of my work: no one reads them at all!
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