behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

Ah, ride to work day...

...that one day in the year when those of us who actually do ride to work are congratulated for making it on our arrival, while those who can just manage to pump up their tires and be on their way by 5 in the morning, prove they'll stop at nothing for more egg and bacon. As I live in the city and work in the burbs, I took the opportunity this year to partake of free food both here, and out there. Primrose would never say, but I suspect she enjoyed not having to be up early preparing my breakfast.

Events were marred by the usual contingents of suicide bombers for Mother Earth, leading "bike busses" and generally getting way too excited, god bless. The worst of course, led bike busses that ended where I work. But then, that should come as no surprise, really, given the academy's 8 century history of sheltering kooks. I must say though, universities sure know how to cater a breakfast! 

Ignoring the cheesy prospectus group shot opportunities, I chose instead to get shots of the spread. Witness just 3 of 6 tables in total. This is the scene when breakfast had ended, and students and I were gathering bags to scrounge anything not bolted down. I got all of that juice there on the right, all of those coffee bags (a novelty I've not seen before) and I even took all those paper cups in the shot on the left. Compensation for the humiliation Ride to Work Day has caused me again. Next year I plan to bring a bike trailer.
Tags: critical mass, funny, ride to work day
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