behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

How to promote this?

Dear reader, I come to you humbly, seeking your gracious assistance. You see, your Doctor Behooving, who you regularly come to for amusement, fine prose, or perhaps for the love of cycling, architecture, philosophy, or nineteen-seventies sketchy TV shows, knows what I believe is referred to as "jack shit" about promoting blogs on the internet. Relying as I do, on word of mouth, has seen me silenced by everybody on facebook, snobbed by bike snob, and banned from Fannys nightclub. I have nowhere to turn but you tragic los... I mean, you "early adopters".

If each of my regular readers somehow recommends my blog to one other person, bulletin board, facebook fan site or twit, I could reach my target of 2 regular readers, without having to pay for ads on TV! One can only dream. So please, send someone an email, somehow "like" me on facebook, or just reply with some suggestions. In all modesty, and with all due humility, I consider myself the most intelligent, original and varied writer on cycling, in the known universe, and while I appreciate my one reader's loyalty, I feel ready to venture beyond the realms of monogamous blogging. 
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