behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

Does it matter that it's made in Taiwan?

or for that matter, does it matter that your Stella Artois beer was brewed under license in Australia, not Belgium? 
Daily, thousands of bikes are shipped from Taiwan with decals to imply they were made somewhere else. Often too, they get the stickers slapped on once they arrive, stickers like: "made in Denmark", for instance. 
The current fashion for lugged and braised frames, because they bespeak being made in "real" countries like England, America, Germany, etcetera, is rather like the fashion for beers actually brewed in countries we would like others to think we go every year, skiing or some shit. "Oh I drink this all the time when I go to Bavaria darhling!" 
Nonetheless, the connotative meaning of such a linguistic sign as "Bianchi" does—I know from first hand experience—add about 30% to the value of a bike. Primrose paid $800 for her Taiwanese made Bianchi, $100 more than she might have paid for a no-name equivalent. The funniest part, is the closest her bike has ever been to Milan, is Taiwan! It got shipped this way, not that way.
I have since added a gen-light, to connote Europe's short days in Winter, and the universal sign for all prestige bicycles: a Brooks leather saddle. All in all, we're looking at a rather convincing contrivance, no?

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