behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

Gnome et Rhone and Velorbis

Residents of my fair beach side community, especially those of us who meet in the water to surf, all know Strat, quintessential surf bum and part time moteecycle enthusiast. Well, back when I bought my Velorbis, Strat and I stumbled upon common ground on which to converse, he telling me of the classic Danish motorcycle The Gnome Roam, my Velorbis being its counterpart, since it too was made in Denmark you see. Fool me for ever going on line to look up the Gnome Roam. It's actually called the Gnome and Rhone, and was made in France, not Denmark. I learn too that this make of motorcycle has a closer bicycle cousin than the Velorbis, the Gnome and Rhone bicycle. Yes, they made push bikes as well! Pictured is an aluminium framed one from around 1950.
With regards to classic motorcyles, alas, Strat can be a dubious witness. As to where and when the surf will be looking as it does in the clip you will find if you click on that wave, he remains my city's leading authority.
Tags: newcastle, velorbis
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