behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

An unbelievable sight

I can hardly believe that someone in my little town is getting around on a Pedersen bicycle!!! I saw him twice last Thursday, the second time riding up Tyrell Street, possibly to convince himself that he could—it is a long and steep street to be tackling on bike made for the flat. 

If either cyclephillia, or better still velophillia were words, then the Pedersen would be a special locus for that type of amour. The love competitive cyclists share between their legs, hearts and equipment, here is transferred to a far greater degree onto the equipment, such that some Pedersen owners have altogether done away with any sense of fitness and cycling going together. Note the emphasis on lustrous materials and accessories at this meeting of fatties.  

But the guy I saw in Newcastle was fit. He was riding up Tyrell Street, after all. Behooving Moving has a free Bianchi saddle to give to anyone with information leading to Mr Pedersen, who I would like to feature here on this blog. 

Minor faults I see with this 120 year old design, are: no standover, saddle sway, shortening of the front end under braking, heavy, slow, floppy, and more an accessory for the type period attire proletarians choose to wear for their weddings than anything sane yuppies like me would wear on a town bike. But otherwise, hey! So come on Mr. Pedersen, don't be like Elvis, give us a call. We stand to be corrected on any or all of these criticisms of your fine bicycle, and are ready to thank you for gracing our streets with such a device.  
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