behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

Advice for Australians on helmets

Lunch time conversation breezed right on past women, beer, prawns and grudges surrounding upcoming races, to the truly manly topic of helmets. For all but short local trips, or leisurely rides along rail trails (or when in Denmark, Germany or Holland), I wear a helmet. I don't buy the line that drivers give you more space when they see a nude nut, or that helmets do more harm than good in a crash. I have a giant wise brain, to preserve for the sake of humanity.
From left, cool around town helmets by: bern, giro, yakkay and poc.

However, I do bemoan the way Australian Safety Standards rub up against style. Just look at the cool helmets I would wear (during Winter mind you—most would be too steamy for Summer), were I not risking apprehension by de pigs man, de fuz, asking if my unusual helmet has an ASA sticker. I would wear a different helmet each day, matching them to my bike or my mood.  
Meanwhile, the ASA—or "Australian Style Association"—can also be thanked, for keeping Australia free of some of the atrocities that might otherwise clutter up bicycle stores. It is because I want to spare you, my fellow Australians, from all such aberrations, that I urge you simply to buy a helmet as worn by pro roadies. You will be legal, safe, and telling the world your other bike has Campagnolo Super Record components, although mid week you just ride whatever.

The only way you can look like a tosser with this approach, is by choosing a helmet (or any cycling attire) sporting the world champion's rainbow stripes. Girls, that's rather like wearing white to another girl's wedding.

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