behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

Gents let's play some Bicycle Polo

Three cheers for our regular reader WeCanRideGiants for finding these most dignified helmets from Yakkay—not available in Nanny State Central, most likely due to the cost of appeasing the Australian Standards racketeers. Perfect for bicycle-polo though, a sport once played on dragsters, before we of Gen-X moved to BMX, and one I had thought would be an Olympics sport by now. In any case I have emailed Yakkay with the view to buying 11 in each colour, and will now need only to arrange numbered bibs. The decline of lawn bowls has left us with many suitable playing fields.
I call on you all now to round up a crew for our first hit out. Will we all be available at 2pm Sunday 21 March, to meet at the abandoned bowling green overlooking King Edward Park? This will give us each time to fabricate whackers—relatively safe ones, please. If in doubt a broom might suffice. The ladies can all bring their deck chairs and provide chicken sandwiches and lemonade for the children. If they dress up too, we'll have a smashing good time.

STOP PRESS AGAIN! A number of ladies have indicated they would like to play too, a request to which I am happy to acquiesce, so long as they are able to fabricate safe whackers with heads not inclined to fly off. 

As a condition of entry, all players are gently encouraged to register as Newcastle Voice members, our way of telling those car driving lard arse corpulent bourgeois city fathers of ours to ban all cars from the city and only allow cyclists.
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