behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

Newcastle's Fastest Growing Sport

Between 2pm and 2.30pm today, Newcastle's bicycle polo fraternity grew by 400%, from just me at 2; to Hamish and me at 2.10; to Hamish, Egor and me at 2.15; and finally to include Hamish, Egor, Roberto and me by 2.30pm. Start of play was delayed by Egor's insisting on binding his conduit/handle with some handlebar tape he happened to have handy. Oh and of course council would forget to open the grounds, as they had assured me they would do for our arrival. However, all has been sorted. De minimis non curat lex, as we say.

The rules to bicycle polo as we understand them are straight forward in the extreme. Two teams. Two sets of goals. When half time was called it was Roberto and Hamish 3, Egor and myself 5. 

During half time we surveyed our new club house, kindly donated to Newcastle Gentleman's Bicycle Polo by... (could someone perhaps tell me who donated the clubhouse?) In the background to these photos you will notice evidence of a little vandalism over the weekend, but nothing to dampen our spirits upon beholding that view! My goodness! The best view of any bicycle polo clubhouse... in the world!
Clockwise from left: Roberto (aka Mole), Hamish (aka Toad)
             Egor (aka wise Badger) and me, Rupert (aka Ratty)

When play resumed, Egor and I consolidated then stretched out our lead to the point where calling a draw was the only polite way to bring things to an end without fistycuffs. With whackers over our shoulders, we rode down the hill past Esta Bar like a marauding hoard of barbarians to my place for espressos, beers and a debrief.

And that, dear children, is how NGBP came into being. 2pm Sundays. Whackers provided. Overlooking beautiful King Edward Park.
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