behoovingmoving (behoovingmoving) wrote,

Reader of the Week

This week we visit the home of C.B.King (CB for "Come Back"), Newcastle's only builder of boutique high end bicycle frames. He's ridden the Tour (one day ahead), broken titanium beneath his own buttocks, is Newcastle's only architect who actually looks like an architect, has seen the highs and lows of racing and life, looks a little like Lynx, and carries the world wide web of bike makers and bits in his head.

We found CB at home with his son DB, for whom CB has built up this Salsa 29er. DB has his own handlebars on which he pulls up hard whenever they're airborne. Like his dad, DB also has a taste for the good stuff: he will not do this with Reynolds 631 tubing or lower.

Where hardly a mountain bike rider in Australia has caught up with the paradigm shift toward 700c wheels and big tires, or "29ers" as Americans call them, CB has a venerable collection. He also has boxes of tubing and lug sets and enough spare parts laying around to put Beijing back onto bikes.

A big Behooving Moving salute to CB (and DB), readers of the week for this week.  
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