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architecture and urbanism as impacted by cycling (Brownfields-to-Bikefields)

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29 December
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I'm using this blog to gradually bring together architects, urban designers and academics who see the potential for bicycles to change cities and buildings. My PhD is in architectural history and my interdisciplinary research spans art theory, philosophy and cultural studies. I teach architectural history and theory and design studio at The University of Newcastle, Australia, and formerly worked as an architect designing large public housing projects in Singapore. I frequently travel to liaise with others like me (architects, academics, bloggers, bicycling advocates), most recently in Singapore, Rotterdam, Portland, Chicago, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Florence, and Copenhagen. I've got a book coming out soon on this topic, and look forward to hearing from you if you share this passion.
I should mention too, that I spend my weekends in lycra, shaking up B-grade.

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